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When Selling is Broken: The Fatal Division of Labor 3 key metrics for success
by Andy Gole in Strategy and Planning
Recently, a business owner told me a sad story. He was very disappointed his sales werent growing, particularly when considering how hard he worked.  When we peeled back the onion, the following became clear:

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Sales and Marketing Alignment - Some Additional Thoughts
by Walter A. Hardenstine in Sales and Marketing
I would like to weigh in on the latest article from our last newsletter. 

Let me first explain that while I have a BSBA with a Marketing major, I graduated college in 1971.  But unless the principals have changed or there are two schools of thought, I would like to explain what I have always understood as, what is Sales and what is Marketing.  I believe this even fits in with our latest Strategies for Success when the Business Model Canvass explains "channels."

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Two Sides of the Listening Coin
by Rob Weinberg in Customer Service and Quality

I took my mother to lunch at a Vista caf.

She ordered a tuna sandwich, but got the costlier tuna steak on a bun instead.


I promised my client a monster project would be delivered Friday. Thursday afternoon he announced he needed it 7am Friday to accommodate his travel schedule. Id assumed 5pm.

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Are Your Salespeople Caving When Pressured About Price?
by Gary Harvey in Business Planning and Strategy
"The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten."-Benjamin Franklin. What a powerful statement and true is it not? But do you and your salespeople believe it and standby it when you or they sell? Todays prospects are better than ever at pressuring salespeople about your price. And now days they get to use the economy as an excuse and leverage to beat you up to get you to lower your price.

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Account Management or Account Stagnation?
by Colleen Stanley in Strategy and Planning
You have several good clients.  However, you know those good clients are purchasing a few lines of business from your competitor.    You know you offer a better product and service after the sale.  So whats the reason they havent moved those lines of business to you?

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Learning Is Key in Creating Sales and Marketing Alignment
by Jerry Roche in Sales and Marketing
Sales and marketing alignment has become a hot topic as leaders realize that getting the two groups on the same page yields greater revenue growth, shorter sales cycles and higher customer retention. Many organizations, however, struggle to create sales and marketing synergy that delivers a measureable business impact. They fail to recognize and address one of the key barriers to alignment: a lack of marketing training.

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The One Sign You Will Be Rich
by Brian de Haaff in Personal Growth and Development
When I was studying Philosophy at Berkeley, a friend told me that she could tell who was going to be rich and who was not. Fascinating, I thought. But when I asked how, she refused to answer and only said that I would figure it out. So after 20 years of thinking about it, I finally discovered the secret.

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The Part-Time Executive: Filling the Management Void
by Rob Weinberg in Business Planning and Strategy
Several years back I met with the president of a $5 million firm about hiring my marketing agency. For two hours he spoke about great things his company wanted to do to increase product awareness in the marketplace.

As the meeting progressed I noticed a fascinating rhythm to the conversation. Each item on his wish list was discounted by a concern about lack of resources or effects of the larger economy.

It was an interesting dichotomy, as he simultaneously recognized his overwhelming need to keep one step ahead of the competition and acknowledged a fear of spending moneyor of not spending it.

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Taking Games Seriously in the Corporate Learning Arena
by Jerry Roche in Technology
Serious computer games, as they are designed with the intent of improving a specific aspect of learning, are a serious alternative to traditional learning.

Studies over the past decade including those conducted on business and economics students by the U.S. Department of Defense prove that more job-transfer benefits are gained through game-enhanced learning as opposed to other modes of learning alone. Since workplace performance depends on the learners depth of engagement during their learning experiences, the more engaging the exercise, the higher the retention of knowledge and transfer of skills to the job.

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Buddy, can you spare some time?
by Kim Lisagor in Personal Growth and Development
Sit on your hands. Thats what I told myself as my sons kindergarten teacher asked a roomful of moms and dads, Who wants to be the room parent this year?

The silence was interminable. Room parent is a volunteer position that involves organizing class celebrations and other activities. As an involved parent, I wanted to support my childs teachers, but I had just started a new job and didnt have time for another commitment.

Just keep your mouth shut and sit on your hands.

The tension rose. I couldnt take it anymore. I opened my mouth to speak but the voice that finally broke the silence was not mine. Ill do it! shouted another mother, raising her hand just in time. The rest of us applauded, relieved.

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Aligning Incentives with Business Objectives
by Ken Gibson in Human Resources and Personnel Management
All compensation, and especially incentive plans, should help focus employees on the companys priorities and strategies. In other words, the companys growth objectivesand individual roles in the sameshould become clearer as a result of how employees are paid. Of course, these issues are different for every business. However, they typically include priorities and objectives such as the following:

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11 Ways A Leader Can Help Employees Handle the Stress Caused By Change
by Richard Hawk in Leadership
Nothing stays the same, everything changes all the time. Because its so common youd think change would be an easy thing to handle. Not so. Its still a leading cause of duress in peoples livesespecially change in the workplace. However, as a leader, when your employees are going to experience change, here are 11 ways to reduce the stress it can cause:

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Compelling Messages to Ideal Buyers is Really EasyRight?
by Rick McPartlin in Sales and Marketing
My clients teach me a lot of lessons. The best lessons come from when they keep asking me a question that I dont understand. Its not that I dont understand the question, but rather, that I dont understand why they are asking it because, to me, the answer is SO clear, and I think they already know the answer.

Maybe the most common question involves how to create and then deliver a COMPELLING MESSAGE to the IDEAL CLIENT. That question comes up many times a week. I dive into a detailed answer. The client acts like they get it, and then, they ask me again tomorrow.

Shame on me! I need to remind the client that they know the answer - they just need to apply Revenue Science discipline.

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Leaders Should Only Have One Face
by Michelle M. Smith in Management and Leadership
Growing up, I loved optical illusions where I would see one picture initially and an entirely different item if I looked at the illusion from another angle.  A classic is the ink blot-like illusion with a vase in the middle and two faces on either side.  I was constantly amazed that what was so obvious after I discovered it could have completely eluded me initially.  I knew there had to be a lesson in there somewhere.

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From the Middle Up
by Michelle Maldonado in Leadership
Human kindness, dignity and stewardship are the hallmarks of California-based health care system's culture, Dignity Health. Dr. Wendy Combs offers some insights about healthy culture creation and the development of employees who embody skills that make them better leaders and create more caring and sustainable organizations.

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Facebook Designs Learning for 'Millearnnial' Employees
by Linda Galloway in Human Resources and Personnel Management
Personally, Im sick of reading about the special learning styles of Millennials.  

Of course each workforce generation has different work attitudes, values, and motivators shaped by factors such as the economic environment and major life events.  But, come on --  Millennials dont have special brains that somehow make them learn in ways different from the rest of us.  

So when I see an article tying the use of social tools, video, curated content, and other new learning approaches to Millennial workers, I want to hurl my Olivetti at the wall.  (Just kidding, LOL.)

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A little humor can be effective when marketing to CEOs
by Lisa Dreher in Business Planning and Strategy
Marketing is no laughing matter. It's both science and art, and is subject to increasingly sophisticated measurements of  the impact a campaign has and the return on investment it brings an organization.

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Emotionally Intelligent Sales Cultures: How and Why EQ Wins Business
by Colleen Stanley in Strategy and Planning
Sales organizations are always looking for ways to grow their top and bottom line.  They install the latest and greatest CRM tool, dollars are invested in customer surveys and their marketing department is tweeting, hooting and blogging. With this proactive approach towards growth, what is the reason many sales organizations still struggle to achieve quota?  

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Feel Good, Look Good: Designing Community Projects
by Nancy J. Zavada in Organizational Behavior
In 2000, corporate social responsibility activities were unheard of, while today the majority of planners are including them in their events. The most popular form of social responsibility for meetings is a community, or legacy, project.

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The Three Phases of Sales Management: Where do you want to be?
by Andy Gole in Sales and Marketing
Sales management has three phases. Where do you want to be?
  1. Anarchy
  2. Professional Management
  3. Sales Crusade
As a firm grows and matures through its business life cycle there is a parallel opportunity for developing sales management. As you read this article, take a minute to ask yourself these two questions:

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