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Multitasking Yourself to Sleep
por Dr. Luann Linquist en Personal Growth and Development
Having trouble sleeping? Do you just want to get sleep over with so you can get on to whats really important? Youre among the many. Sixty percent of adults in the U.S. experience symptoms of insomnia/sleep problems about 3-4 nights a week or more and 10-15 percent suffer from chronic insomnia/sleep problems says the National Sleep Foundation.

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Addicted to Being Right
por Judith E. Glaser en Management and Leadership
Im sure its happened to you: Youre in a tense team meeting trying to defend your position on a big project and start to feel yourself losing ground. Your voice gets louder. You talk over one of your colleagues and correct his point of view. He pushes back, so you go into overdrive to convince everyone youre right. It feels like an out of body experience and in many ways it is.  In terms of its neurochemistry, your brain has been hijacked.  

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Marketing With a Tailored Fit
por Joseph Pigato en Sales and Marketing
Not only does marketing personalization substantially increase your chances of success, but consumers are demanding it, as well. They want consistent, relevant communication with brands that offer them content they're likely to respond positively to, not content that annoys them or makes them less responsive in the future.

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Talking the Talk (Yes, you can!)
por Kathleen Murray en Personal Growth and Development
If you're traveling to a foreign country but feel intimidated by the idea of learning a foreign language, take heart.

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Operationalizing Your Brand throughout the Employee Life Cycle
por Richard Gripp and Alison Bloodhart en Sales and Marketing
The number one driver for CEOs is sustained success.  We live in a volatile, ever changing global business world.  The key to sustaining profitable success is to become a brand empowered organization, owning your competitive category; making your competition irrelevant. 

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The Secrets of Motivational Focus
por Michelle M. Smith, CPIM, CRP en Management and Leadership
In which kinds of situations are you most effective? What factors strengthenor undermineyour motivation? People answer these questions very differently, and that's the challenge at the heart of good leadershipwhether you're managing your own performance or someone else's. One-size-fits-all principles don't work. The strategies that help you excel may not help your colleagues or your direct reports; what works for your boss or your mentor doesn't always work for you.

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How to Increase Your Business
por Steve Nicholls en Social Media and Social Networking
When most business leaders think of social media, they typically think of how it can help them communicate with clients or potential clients. They want to improve sales with existing customers, introduce their brand to new customers, create new revenue streams, and watch the money roll in. This is a great plan.  


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The Changing Face of Strategy
por Ed Jenks en Strategy and Planning
I think it is a safe assumption to say that business has never been tougher, more difficult to plan, and less predictable than ever before in our Baby Boom, business lives.  Many Chief Executives have done away with long term planning and instead have created the rolling eighteen month plan that they feel allows them to make faster adjustments on the fly.  While this might seem reasonable on the surface, it may carry some unexpected performance challenges over the course of time.

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10 Tips for a Tighter Travel Budget
por Travis Stanton en Accounting and Finance
Business travel represents an unavoidable expense when it comes to trade shows and events. After all, there's no point in erecting an exhibit or engineering a live event if you can't afford to send anyone to staff it. So keep that necessary evil from eating away at your coffers with these 10 tips to help you maximize your travel budget without maxing out your corporate credit card.

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Sales Groundhog Days
por Colleen Stanley en Sales and Marketing
Does anyone remember the movie Ground Hog Day?  Here are the cliff notes of the movie.  Phil is a grumpy, pompous weather forecaster who finds himself trapped in what science fiction refers to as a time loop while covering the ritual of ground hog day in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania.  Phil quickly realizes that if he doesnt change his ways or behavior, events will keep repeating themselves.  Hence, the name of the movie.  The movie has a happy ending and Phil changes to become a more empathetic and positive person.   

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The Big Picture
por Debbie Qaqish en Sales and Marketing
We have a client who has built an entire business on the concept of "last-mile delivery." you've probably experienced this type of service if you bought something from Lowe's, Home Depot, or Ethan Allen - it is responsible for delivery and custom setup of products you have purchased. Your washer and dryer is delivered, installed, tested and working before the delivery company leaves.

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How to Keep the Culture Conversation Going
por Javier Munoz Mendoza en General and Miscellaneous
When building a strong Culture, the number one challenge is for the whole organization to remain aware of its value, to include it as criteria in decision-making, to live it day in day out, and to take proactive action in caring for it. Culture should be a company wide effort, but it can be derailed by either the urgency or the litany of daily tasks. For example: After a Culture building event, key takeaways and initiatives that were generated could decay into oblivion if they are not effectively integrated into company processes.

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Humility Is Key to Effective Leadership & High Performance
por Michelle M. Smith, CPIM, CRP en Leadership
Humility may be a virtue, but it's also a competitive advantage. According to research from the University of Washington Foster School of Business, humble people are more likely to be high performers in individual and team settings, and they also tend to make the most effective leaders. Yet the attribute of humility seems to be neglected in leadership development programs, and it's often misunderstood.

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The Benefits of Truth within Leadership
por Maggie Pazian and Michael Palestina en Leadership
The stakes are high. The truth is critical. What can you do to uncover it?

This denouement can play out across the spectrum of personal and professional human interactions.

Just reading the words can trigger anxiety as you replay a time in your life when something mattered, when verity determined the difference between the winners and the also-rans. Leaving aside the existential question of what truth is; we think we know it when it is before us in our everyday lives, and we think we know when its imperfect.

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Learning to Motivate & Manage in 'The New Normal'
por Rick Dandes en Management and Leadership
At a time when political upheaval in Washington, D.C., market uncertainty on Wall Street and the lingering impact of the worldwide Great Recession seem to be the everyday norm, is it any wonder that many organizations have been seriously challenged by threats to their bottom lineand in some cases, survivalover the past year?

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Integrating Direct & Digital Marketing to Boost Results
por Ryan Cote en Social Media and Social Networking
Marketing tactics are always evolving as technology and processes are updated.  Today, three effective channels for business marketing are direct mail, email, and landing pages.  While these three approaches can be successful individually, combining these three into one coherent marketing strategy usually results in a return on investment that is greater than the sum of the parts.

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Gender Differences Impact Marketing Plans & Strategies
por Leslie Hart en Business Planning and Strategy
She likes pastels, he likes dark colors. She focuses on people. He focuses on objects. Are these unfounded stereotypes or bona fide gender differences that should be seriously considered by anyone designing products, displays, showrooms, Web sites and other marketing materials?

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Five Ways to Ask for Referrals
por Jim Canfield en Strategy and Planning
Why dont we get more referrals?

The most common reason is: We dont ask. If we do ask, quite honestly, most people are not that good at it. The most common method is a general question like, Do you know anyone who would be a good person for my business? They normally roll their eyes back, put their hand to their chin with a furrowed brow and respond, No, cant think of anybody.

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Why Lead Nurturing is Critical: Develop Trust, Increase Revenues
por Lars Helgeson en Sales and Marketing
Sales is a numbers game, right? However, it is also about the relationships that your business develops with prospects and clients that make or break a deal. This is where lead nurturing comes into play.

Lead nurturing is the process of building a relationship with prospects who are not yet sales-ready.
Lead nurturing is like dating. You want to get to know the person before you enter into a full-fledged exclusive relationship. This relationship doesnt happen over night. You want to trust them and make sure they meet your needs, so you know its a good fit.

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Why owners need to look for hybrid entrepreneurial salespeople
por Andy Gole en Sales and Marketing
Business owners are always on the prowl for the hunters, to help build their businesses. Many owners and executives observe there are lamentably few hunters, a decent number of farmers and an overabundance of maintainers. Should this be surprising? And what should we do about it?

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