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Sales Down? It May Not Be Your Salespeople
por Jeff Goldberg en Sales and Marketing
I often meet with companies that tell me, “Sales aren’t what we want them to be so we want you to train our reps.” While training sales reps is a large part of what I do, I often find that the biggest problem lies somewhere else…with the sales manager.

Part of the problem lies in how we create sales managers. Sometimes the president, CEO or business owner manages the reps directly, even though they have little or no experience managing salespeople. In larger organizations, typically a sales manager used to be a top producing rep.

You’ve paid them all you can pay them, commissioned them through the roof, they’ve won every award, received every accolade and there’s nothing left to do but promote them.

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Why Millennials Are Out-Selling Boomers and Xers
por Tom Silk en Strategy and Planning
Much has been written about the annoying habits of millennials, and I myself have been known to tell my 20-something reps to get off Tinder and pick up the phone. As the head of a sales and marketing team that is mostly millennials, I’ve had my fair share of the well-documented annoyances of the younger generation, but I’ve also noticed something else. My millennials are selling better and smarter than many of our company’s older, more seasoned sales partners.

The Sales Landscape Has Changed!

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Advisory Re New Employment Regulations
por James Roth en Human Resources and Personnel Management
As most California employers know, the complex snare of laws that control employment in the state is broad and constantly expanding. Under the Fair Employment and Housing Act (“FEHA”) it has become even more complicated.

Employers with 5 or more employees are subject to the new FEHA regulations. These new regulations now apply if you collectively have 5 or more employees located anywhere in the United States, one of which is located in California. This means that if you have 1 employee in California and 4 or more employees somewhere outside of California, the new FEHA regulations discussed below apply to you and you can be sued for failure to comply. Moreover, if you have any employees who are out on leave (such as medical leave), they also count toward the 5-employee requirement as well.

The new FEHA regulations now impose the following obligations upon affected small employers:

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The World of Talent Acquisition has Changed. Have You?
por Chuck Smith en Human Resources and Personnel Management
Finding top talent to give your company a competitive edge has never been more important to business leaders. But, what’s the best way to do this? Word of mouth, job boards, state agencies, headhunters, newspapers, social media. All of the above? None of the above?


While we’re at it, shouldn’t we be thinking about both quantity of and quality of candidates?

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​The 10 commandments of running a family business
por Dr. Mark Goulston en Management and Leadership

Running a family business brings special challenges.

Following these "10 Commandments of Family Business" will help ensure success:

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Product Detail? or 15 Minute Concept Commitment?
por Rick McPartlin en Sales and Marketing
“Let me tell you about my product.  It is fast, easy to use, large enough, while small enough, it is cheap to buy and high value to use.  My product  was years in development and used 3 different design process models that tested for compliance and security considerations based on cloud or LAN deployment.   There is very little user training required and maintenance is available 365 days a year and 24 hours every day.”

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Remote Control: The Art of Engaging & Motivating Offsite Personnel
por Rick Dandes en Management and Leadership
The number of remote workers and globally distributed teams is increasing in today's international working environment, and research indicates that within the next few years, up to 40 percent of us will directly answer to someone who doesn't work in the organization's central headquarters.

So while companies may reap the benefits of lower overhead costs with more and more work-from-home employees, as well as the benefits that stem from collaboration with across-the-ocean cross-functional teams, the challenges this phenomena represents for organizations are numerous. Employees working from home or distant peripheral offices can quickly become disconnected from a central office, feel demotivated and lose self-discipline.

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Brain Foods for Brain Power
por Ramona Fasula en Personal Growth and Development
CEO. Chief Executive Officer.  The CEO takes on many roles within a company: setting the strategy and direction of the company, setting the company’s culture and, building and leading the senior executive team. All of these roles require a lot of brain power. Unfortunately, for many CEO’s, their typical diet detracts from brain power instead of promoting it. 

Healthy food fuels our body, as well as our minds, nourishing cells within the brain that allows for cognitive functioning.  Getting enough nutrients supports cognitive functioning, while nutrient deficiencies decrease cognition. 

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How HR & Marketing Can Build a Better Brand Together
por Michelle M. Smith en Human Resources and Personnel Management
Enduring brands are built by people—not ads, clicks or views.

Marketing has traditionally taken the lead in communicating the corporate brand promise, but when it comes to delivering on those promises, it’s people from all around the organization who have to do the meticulous work of successfully bringing the brand promise to life. In fact, employees need to do many things (often behind the scenes) that are “on brand” across dozens of customer touch points. Ultimately, it’s the organizational culture—”the way things are done around here”—that becomes the true brand differentiator.

That’s precisely why HR has a significant role to play in the process. It’s time to recognize and leverage the critical role employees play in enhancing and delivering the brand promise.

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Celebrations as a Marketing Tool
por Dennis Conrad en Event Marketing
One thing that casinos don’t get enough credit for is their charity and community work. In the hundreds of casinos we have been privileged to work with, there hasn’t been ONE that didn’t have significant support for several charitable endeavors. And interestingly, most tend not to “toot their horn” very much about this philanthropy.

In my casino career, I have seen and been involved in hundreds of casino supported charities. Sometimes it involves only writing a check for a client’s Charity Golf Tournament.

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Attract & Retain Customers With New Strategies in Loyalty & Marketing
por Paul Gordon en Sales and Marketing

It's time to make serious considerations and focus on how to garner and retain customers.

Loyalty isn't a given; it's earned through trust and the appreciation you show for the customers and clients who directly contribute to your organization's success. Patrons need to find value in the product and relationship with the company.

An excellent solution to customer retention is a comprehensive loyalty program and corresponding marketing plan targeting consumer interests.

The social media age has greatly shifted the customer's power...

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Want to Be a Highly Respected Boss? 20 Things to Do Every Day
por Bill Murphy, Jr. en Management and Leadership
Think about the best boss you've ever had.

Maybe you're fortunate, and we're talking about the person you call your boss today. Maybe it's someone you recall fondly from years ago. (Maybe you don't have a boss--good for you!--but I'll bet you've had one at some time in the past.)

Regardless of who this person is, I'm confident I can describe him or her. That's because highly respected bosses often have a lot in common with one another. Here are 20 of the key things they do almost every day.

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The Power of Peers in the Age of Mobile
por Jonathan B. Smith en Innovation and Change
Energy ran low in the middle of the second day of a two-day annual planning session. Tom Bouwer, EOS® Implementer and co-founder of Columbus-based ProfitWorks, scanned the faces of the executive team and knew he needed something to break them out of their boredom.  “I have my go-to techniques that I’ve used in the past,” said Bouwer, “but I wanted a new approach.”

That’s when he picked up his smartphone, opened WhatsApp, and asked his team for help.  During the pause between sessions, one of the members responded and sent questions for a quiz-show type exercise that re-engaged the leadership.

How can you create a team (“community of practice”) through WhatsApp?  Read on.

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10 Innovation Questions Every CEO Must Answer
por John Storm en Innovation and Change
Setting:  Conference room full of high-powered CEO’s.  
Topic: How to take their businesses to the next level.
Facilitator: “Please take the blank card and write down your definition of innovation.”
CEOs: Pick up the blank cards and begin writing.

This scene describes how we kicked off an innovation discussion with a group of CEO’s from multiple industries. After writing down their definitions, I asked each one to read their definition of innovation. It was an eye-opening moment for all of us.  Not one definition was identical.  In fact many of them were very different.

Honestly, there is much confusion and assumption about “innovation”… which explains why innovation is such an elusive goal for many firms.  If everyone defines innovation differently, it’s no wonder there’s so much misalignment.

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Employee Motivation: Presentation, Professional Development Are Key to Award Experience
por Deborah Vence en Human Resources and Personnel Management

Award presentation, professional development and work locale all are key factors in effective employee motivation, according to a study released in November by the Incentive Research Foundation (IRF).

The IRF and Intellective Group were commissioned by the Incentive Marketing Association (IMA) in the spring of 2015 to produce the study, which discovered that employee award programs should be as heavily vested in presentation and professional development as they are in the award itself. It also was indicated that programs should be moderated for the employee's work environment and sensitive to an employee's individual preferences.

A number of myths were uncovered as well, surrounding employee awards, showing how organizations should focus more on individual employee needs and not generational assumptions.

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Building Business Relationships in Today’s Digital World
por Kurt Shaver en Social Media and Social Networking
Business is about relationships. It always was and always will be, even if it wavers from time to time.

One hundred years ago, people purchased goods from their local owner-operated stores. The proprietor knew each customer and their preferences and would often let the customer know if their favorite item had just come in. Customers often took the suggestion and purchased the item because of the degree of trust between buyer and seller.

Those genuine relationships started to erode as chain stores and mass-market advertising emerged in the mid-20th century. Advertising “Mad Men,” like the character Don Draper promoted soap and cosmetics via persuasive ads and consumers bought products without much involvement of a personal relationship.

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What Is Engagement? Going Beyond the Buzzword
por Brian Summerfield en Strategy and Planning
It's a testament to the power of buzzwords: As recently as a decade ago, if you heard the word "engagement," your mind probably would have conjured up images of a guy getting down on one knee in a fancy restaurant, diamond rings and wedding plans. But now, you likely think first of things like increasing mindshare among your target customer demographic or ways in which you're elevating employee performance.

On the flipside, buzzwords also tend to suffer from overuse and lack of context. Think about how we once talked about how important it was to get "hits" or "eyeballs" for a website. Or even today, when companies are encouraged to leverage "the cloud" or "big data" to improve their operations.

It's worth noting that these terms often have real, coherent definitions, but the meaning and impact get diluted when they're used over and over again to peddle everything from soup to nuts.

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Are you Doing it to Them or with Them & Do They Know?
por Rick McPartlin en Business Planning and Strategy
In the 20th Century, buyers were hungry for the basics, a home, appliances, electricity,  their first car, electric  tools, televisions and later computers, cell phones, tablets and the vacation home.

During those 20th Century demand bubbles, the buyers were in a frenzy.  They were not particular about what they were buying since they often started with no buying or product experience. 

They were in the middle of this frenzy with a product scarcity for these buyers with no product or buying experience, and they fell victim to the fulfillment bubble.

Through most of the 20th Century,  the manufacturers were all about...

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There Are Profitable Cultures and There Are Not! What's YOUR Culture?
por Frank Heegaard en Organizational Behavior
Every organization has a culture. In the vast majority of cases that culture is simply a default culture because leaders have not created a preferred culture.

Organizational culture is the combination of its people's attitudes, practices, relationships, leadership style and values. Think about the implications of those five areas. When healthy, they reflect a good place to work but when unhealthy they can be toxic. Culture matters a lot.

Default cultures are highly problematic because they simply reflect the aggregate character and practices of those in it - good and bad. They reflect the habits of the organization. The problem is that while there may be many good things about the people and organization, there are also unaddressed habits that hurt the organization whether in attitudes, practices, relationships, leadership style or values.

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What's More Important—Engagement or Performance?
por Michelle M. Smith en Sales and Marketing
Many CEOs don't realize there's a philosophical battle occurring in their leadership ranks.

On one side are the performance-oriented leaders who help their team perform at high levels by focusing their management activities on the team's objectives, goals and desired outcomes. On the other side are the engagement-focused leaders who support their teams by focusing their efforts on creating an engaging environment that energizes and motivates employees.

So, in this philosophical war, which side is right?

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