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Where to start, when your growth stops
por Peter Christman na Innovation and Change
Why would two companies in the same industry, with the same financial
performance, command vastly different valuations? The answer often comes down to how much each business is likely to grow in the future.

The problem is that a lot of successful businesses reach a point where their growth starts to slow as the company matures. In fact, the price of doing a great job carving out a unique niche is that the specialty that made you successful can start to hold you back.

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“Business as Usual” contrasted with “do or die”
por Andy Gole na Sales and Marketing
“We won’t hit our sales numbers this year, with ‘business as usual’”.   I heard this from a business owner the 2nd week of January.   A sales team member responded: “how can you say this? It’s only the 2nd week of January.   We have to give our efforts a chance.”

Do we?

Most of us look back at the end of a long business day and feel: we gave it our “best effort.” And this is satisfying.   From childhood, we heard the refrain: “It’s OK, as long as you give it your best effort.”

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Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say
por Michael Hess na Sales and Marketing
We all know about "impact words" in marketing -- language that is proven to be most likely to get attention or elicit a buyer response. But using these powerful trigger words and not backing them up -- or qualifying them so much as to make them meaningless -- can be worse than not using them at all. The advertising of a good, reputable company is a promise; and good, reputable companies and business people don't make promises they can't keep.

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The Importance of Gemba
por Ian Cato na Innovation and Change
Gemba is a Japanese word which means “at the site”.  When Gemba is used in conjunction with process improvement methodologies, it refers to the act of making observations of the process in action.  It would seem obvious that these observations should be a basic tenet of any process improvement effort, yet, in cases where there are preconceived notions of the primary issues and/or there is a large volume of data available, the need for Gemba can be overlooked.

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Three Reasons Why Leaders Fail
por Timothy F. Bednarz, Ph.D. na Leadership
It is unrealistic to expect that all forms of leadership are successful—because they are not. The nature of leadership is such that leaders are going to take risks and fail. An effective leader learns from failure and moves forward. However, there are failures in leadership not associated with risk taking that can undermine and paralyze an organization.

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Missed Sales Forecasts: Is it the sales manager or the sales team?
por Colleen Stanley na Sales and Marketing
It's the second quarter of the year and revenues are running behind.  Sure, it's easy to point the finger and blame poor results on the sales team.   But take an objective step back and ask the question.  Is it you or your sales team that is falling short?  There is an old saying, "The pace of the leader is the pace of the pack."  What kind of sales leader are you and where could you improve in order to create more sustainable and predictable revenues.

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Owners Cash In with an ESOP: the Coast Citrus Story
por Martin Staubus na Succession Planning
Freeland feels pursuing the ESOP was a great thing to do for management and the employees. She said that employee ownership helps them recruit and, more importantly, retain their current employees. “I think employee ownership is an additional benefit many other companies can’t provide,” said Freeland. “Our company has wonderful in-house talent – men and women who have grown here and moved up through the ranks – many have been with us 15 to 20 years and beyond. We want to retain those exceptional employees.”

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The Evolution of Blind Acceptance
por Joe Evans na Management and Leadership
The squeaky wheel gets the grease, correct? Not always it seems. Sometimes we get accustomed to that wheel squeaking and don’t even realize we have begun ignoring it altogether. In the field of Psychology, the reduction of psychological or behavioral response occurring when a specific stimulus occurs repeatedly is known as habituation. Business leaders often suffer from habituation.

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Services to Sales: Beware six ineffective behaviors
por Marshall Goldsmith, Don Brown, and Bill Hawkins na Sales and Marketing
As we developed content for What Got You Here Won’t Get You There in Sales, we spoke to hundreds of buyers in our customers’ organizations and in organizations new to us. As we uncovered why what gets you here won’t get you there in sales and service, we discovered some bad habits that result when people try to push outcomes!

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Business in Decline? Check Your Business Model
por Tom Krekel na Strategy and Planning

What would you do if your business was in decline?  What if your predicament was made worse because your entire industry was losing ground?

Here’s the story of what one company did. They changed their business model.

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Solution to the Often Dreaded Traditional Review Process
por Kris Boesch na Human Resources and Personnel Management

Traditional reviews are fairly useless for impacting behavior and additionally tend to be damaging to morale.  There is such a power differential that it feels very condescending for the employee (“subordinate”) and very uncomfortable for the empathetic manager (“superior.”)


All you have to do is ask a group of managers how they feel about reviews and you’ll often hear moans and groans.  In some cases, an entire company looks up sheepishly knowing that they are completely out of integrity with conducting reviews.

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We’re All Too Busy Missing Amazing Opportunities
por Daniel Burrus na Management and Leadership

We’re all very busy.

In fact, you are likely busier this year than last year. Every month seems to go by faster. The pace of life is accelerating. But ask yourself: In the five years before GM went bankrupt, were the top executives busy every day? Yes, they were very busy. But being busy didn’t help them, and it won’t help you!

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Should You Stay or Should You Go?
por Andy Birol na Business Planning and Strategy

Congratulations, your business has survived the recession! Thanks to your leadership, you held off the banks, reduced your debt, collected your receivables and delivered great products and service.

Today, your firm runs lean, with loyal customers and reasonable profits. So what should you do next? Are you satisfied, dissatisfied or neither? Should you grow your business or should you sell it?

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Victims, Villains and Heroes: Managing Emotions in the Workplace
por Don Phin, Esq. na Human Resources and Personnel Management

Why would someone risk his or her career by engaging in sexual harassment?  Why does someone who “never gets it” on the job end up suing their employer after they are fired?  Why do you sometimes feel as if you own other people’s problems?  Why do entrepreneurs sabotage their success?


The simple answer is:  we all love drama!

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The Art of Saying No
por Travis Bradberry, Ph.D. na Personal Growth and Development
IResearch from the University of California in San Francisco shows that the more difficulty you have saying no, the more likely you are to experience stress, burnout, and even depression. Saying no is indeed a major challenge for most people. Anyone who suffers from the stress that comes from over commitment can get help themselves by following these simple strategies for saying no.

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Do You Really Believe That?
por Colleen Stanley na Sales and Marketing

The self help guru's are the best at teaching, "You are what you believe. Your thoughts determine your outcomes and actions. And what you think about most will manifest in your life."

These guru's are right and many salespeople and sale managers still subscribing to old beliefs and ways of selling do not serve them well in the information age.

Prospects are smarter, well armed with information and detect sales techniques quickly. They don't enjoy sales meetings that seem like a role play. Prospects want salespeople that are the real deal and real smart.

Here are three beliefs to check and change if you'd like to enjoy better results from sales in 2012.

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Transcendent Leadership: How to Lead Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime
por Les McKeown na Management and Leadership

How often have you read (or listened to) a leader complaining about the compromises, pressure and stresses that their leadership role places not just upon them, but on their family, friends and other relationships?

If you're a leader, maybe on occasion you've maybe even done it yourself.

But what if it didn't need to be this way? What if your leadership role just felt, well... right: demanding, yes, but fun too; challenging but controllable; intense but invigorating? What if with every step on the ladder of leadership you felt more comfortable, more "in the zone," less stressed, less pressured?

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The Promise of Entrepreneurship
por Adelaide Lancaster na General and Miscellaneous

Get more of what you want and less of what you don't—that is the promise and potential of entrepreneurship, plain and simple.

The problem is that it doesn't stay plain and simple. Despite setting out to work on your own terms, it's actually quite easy to lose sight of what you sought to achieve in the first place. Here's why.

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Have a Plan B: Embrace intelligent flexibility
por David K. Murray na Business Planning and Strategy

Why has Facebook evolved so successfully, while leaving MySpace in ruins? Why has Wal-Mart expanded into new offerings, like groceries, while K-Mart languishes? Why was the Apollo program so successful, while the Space Shuttle program is scrapped? The answers have much to do with intelligent and flexible leadership that modifies business models by making strategic and tactical adjustments, by devising a Plan B—not a contingency plan, but one that evolves intelligently from your original plans.

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Strong Development Plans Start With Solid Business Plans
por Cyndi Gave na Management and Leadership

So you've decided to invest in Leadership Development...

For many years, we've heard social scientists and financial analysts alike predict the future of successful business is in their talent pool. Based on the number of inquires we've been receiving about Leadership Development, I believe the message is getting through loud and clear.

Many leaders confuse the length of time in which they have been in leadership roles with their competency as a leader. If this is true, wouldn't all those people who spend years practicing golf play like the pros?

Then, how do you convince all leaders to take a look at their own skills related to leadership?

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