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The Importance of Face-to-Face Meetings
por Kelsey Farabee na Strategy and Planning
If you attended IMEX Frankfurt last year, you may have participated in a study taking place on the exhibition floor, where you and a partner were presented with a hypothetical, possibly bizarre, scenario and given three minutes to come up with a list of potential ideas and solutions.

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The difference between a Great Shot and a Great Hunter is like the difference between a Best of the Worst & a Best of the Best Company
por Rick McPartlin na Sales and Marketing
I grew up at my Grandpa’s cabin in the middle of the Michigan woods and started shooting when I was about 4 years old.  By 10, there was no grown-up I couldn’t out shoot.  By the time I was in my mid-twenties with a shotgun, I could shot 3 clay pigeons at the same time and was qualified by the Sheriff’s department as an expert with the first pistol I ever fired.

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How to Provide Exceptional Customer Service Via Social Media
por Peter Friedman na Social Media and Social Networking
In the retail space, social media has brought on a new progression of relating to customers and driving experience and sales out of those relationships. This social media landscape has produced new and highly targeted and personal ways of communicating. It's introduced new rules for competing with other brands.

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Choosing the Best Financial Statement Level
por Jack Veale na Accounting and Finance
Family businesses may not always need to issue formal financial statements. Absent the need to report to others, you can probably get by with simple flash reports and cash flow projections. But if your family business’s associates include outside shareholders and lenders, you may need to generate complex financial statements with footnotes and detailed disclosure remarks.

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The Magic of Possibilities
por Jennifer Webb na Innovation and Change
The word magic signifies making the impossible possible, doing feats--without discernible explanation-- that cannot be done. And with magic our minds leap past the probabilities and realities of life to the unimagined possibilities that our education and logic tell us is not possible. Magic is a mindset unto itself.

Yet, as research is now proving, magic and neuroscience are linked, and what the brain chooses to believe (illusion?) is every bit as doable, whether it seems logical and probable or not.

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Require Civility
por Linda Fisher Thornten na Organizational Behavior

We need respectful cultures.

Civility is the great undiscussable. Red-faced VPs belittle each other during meetings, employees are told to just take it when verbally harassed and well-meaning workers are disciplined harshly in front of colleagues.

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Managing Opposition to Strategy within the Executive Ranks
por Joe Evans na Business Planning and Strategy
The most fortunate of business executive’s possess a clear vision for their organization’s developmental journey. They are tuned into the business strategy and know what milestones they expect to see; holding predictions related to how long each should likely take to be reached. The top executive is literally in the driver’s seat, controlling the vehicle which is their organization. But what about the executives in the passenger seats? Will they be along for the full journey?

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4 Timeless Qualities of Strategic Leaders
por Lisa Nirell na Management and Leadership

Being a marketing leader in today's economy reminds me of my first solo cross country flight in 1988: even when I think I'm totally in control, bad things can happen.

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How to Train People and Make It Work!
por Gary Harvey na Personal Growth and Development
As a Professional Sales Trainer, prospective clients often ask me, “I sent my people to a one day, or two day seminar and nothing changed. We had no improvement or change in them at all. Why?”

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Business Development Is Not for Everyone
por Andy Gole na Human Resources and Personnel Management
Business development (BD) is the forming of significant new customer relationships.   It is essential to the survival, health and growth of a company.   At a minimum, a company typically must form new customer relationships to replace attrition – which can be 10-15 percent a year.

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Poor Decisions
por Bob Parsanko and Paul Heagen na Management and Leadership
You can reverse the pattern.

In STAR TREK, Captain Kirk often pleas to engineer Scotty for more speed (warp drive velocity)—often to escape certain destruction or to chase down a pirate spacecraft. Achieving breaking-the-lightbarrier velocities played a central role in the crew’s ability to manage the dizzying array of threats and opportunities in space. When in doubt, turn to more speed.  Today, we see a parallel as we continually try to attain new levels of speed as the central element of success.

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Attract Top Talent
por Brad Remillard na Human Resources and Personnel Management
Define success for all candidates.

The biggest mistake companies make when hiring is failing to properly define the real job. Traditional job descriptions (JDs) are ineffective hiring tools.

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Achieving Your Business ‘Everest’
por Lew Haskell na Succession Planning

Are you a business owner who may be thinking about eventually exiting by selling your business? In a 2012 study of business owners, 88% do not have an exit plan yet 61% expect to sell to a third party. Hmmmmmm.


If you are one of these business owners, it can be helpful to consider a metaphor to envision what you are proposing. Imagine for a moment the idea of climbing Mount Everest, a lofty goal no doubt, (pun intended).

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Shaping Your Business Into a Breakthrough Brand
por Kathy Heasley na Sales and Marketing
Branding. It's the buzzword of business right now. It’s becoming mainstream and conversations that used to be about marketing a business have now shifted to conversations about how to brand it. Is there a difference? Is branding just the latest in a long line of lingo that, like words of the past, will fall out of fashion? The business landscape is littered with words like "synergy" and "paradigm shift."  How can we forget that wonderful term "headcount" that was made so popular during the days of "rightsizing"? The last two combined, reduced employees to cattle and turned management into modern day Machiavelli’s.

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Are You Getting a Return on Your Investment in Spanish Translation?
por Melissa Burkhart na Human Resources and Personnel Management

Spanish speakers are an important component of the workforce in this country in numerous of industries.  Employers in construction, manufacturing, hospitality, agriculture, and transportation, to name a few, have long addressed the challenges of relying on employees whose English is limited.   Written translation of employee handbooks, safety and benefits communication, and training has become commonplace.  However, all too often, employers invest time, energy and money into communication in Spanish that will not have the desired impact, and, in some cases, can even backfire and negatively impact morale and production.

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Three Ways Watching Football Improves Sales Results
por Colleen Stanley na Sales and Marketing

Let’s be perfectly clear.  I have never played football and I am not a ‘groupie’ that is glued to the TV set each week watching my favorite team.  However, I am an admirer of elite athletes because they demonstrate the mindset, actions and behaviors needed to be an elite salesperson.   They also possess emotional intelligence skills.  Yes, these macho guys do have soft skills that help them win ball games.  So if you want to get better at sales, turn on the television, observe and incorporate the NFL players’ best practices into your day-to-day sales.  Here are my top three favorites.

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Using Newsweek's Move to Digital To Inform Your 2013 Strategy
por Lisa Nirell na Strategy and Planning
It's the time of year to review your growth plans, see what's working, and get rid of what's not working. Some of your choices will not be popular. Yet they could be the difference between success and long-term survival.  Let's look at Tina Brown, editor-in-chief of Newsweek Daily Beast. Last week, she announced that they would stop distributing the Newsweek print edition on December 31. In spite of their 80 year history and industry recognition, their continued market decline forced Brown to make a tough decision.

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Disaster Planning
por Non-Profit Coordinating Committee of New York na Strategy and Planning
We’re pleased to provide you with a copy of Disaster Planning, Emergency Preparedness & Business Continuity. This document is a guideline that offers the points an organization needs to think about in order to prepare its own disaster recovery plan so that, should an interruption occur, it is able to resume operations.

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Hurricane Sandy Highlights Need for Disaster Preparedness
por Jeff Clark na Strategy and Planning
This week’s landfall of hurricane Sandy in the New York, New Jersey, Northern Virginia and surrounding areas is another reminder of the fact that businesses and even lives can be brought to a disturbing halt—and often, there’s little anyone can do to prevent the ensuing destruction. This most recent hurricane illustrates how even unlikely events can sometimes crop up. The data center industry, which has a major hub in New York City and is also concentrated in other areas on the eastern seaboard, had the unfortunate chance to put its disaster preparedness efforts to the test. Here’s a smattering of what has been taking place in the hurricane’s aftermath, from the darn near heroic to the downright annoying.

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Key Trends and Challenges in Corporate Governance
por Andrew J. Sherman na Management and Leadership
My latest book, Essays on Governance, was inspired by the events of the past ten years which has placed the discipline of corporate governance under a strategic as well as a regulatory microscope and has shareholders and the markets challenging boards to be accountable and carefully follow best practices which drive informed and objective decision-making.  We have lived through several periods over the last decade when it appeared to many that our financial markets have been on the brink of complete collapse.  And while calm and patient heads prevailed and we have experienced remarkable resiliency, it has not been without significant government intervention.

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