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Stop Insulting Your Audience!
por John Bates na Personal Growth and Development
In baseball you get three strikes. In public speaking, you don’t even get one. You set the tone and the audience decides whether they’re going to pay attention within seconds. If you don’t have them enthralled immediately, your message will languish.

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The Canterbury Sales®
por Andy Gole na Sales and Marketing
The story is familiar enough – a company with a successful offering enjoys rapid growth then hits a brick wall.  What happened? Could there be a selling system design error?

Many companies seek the comfort of this familiar three-legged selling stool: Strategy to drive sales,     Market knowledge, and Product knowledge. But what's missing is...

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Succession Planning
por David Chancellor na Business Planning and Strategy
There was a time when succession planning was something only companies large enough to employ thousands of people did as part of an overall management development strategy. Since then screeds have been written on the evolution of succession planning, most of which points to the need for organisations to plan for the inevitable loss of key staff, irrespective of their seniority.

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Strategies: Building trust in a skeptical world
por Colleen Stanley na Management and Leadership

We live in an Information Age and bad news is everywhere. There are stories about wealth managers embezzling clients’ money, corporate America not looking out for shareholders and the government overstepping boundaries.

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The Five Most Persuasive Words in the English Language
por Gregory Ciotti na Sales and Marketing
When it comes to assembling persuasive copy, like any other construction job, you need to rely on your skills, experience, and toolbox. The toolbox of the writer is filled with words.

In defining what I believe is a critical element of crafting effective copy, I’ll make my case by amending the famous quote from Animal Farm: “All words are equal, but some words are more equal than others.”

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Building Trust: The Key to Success
por Ken Blanchard na Strategy and Planning
When it comes to characteristics that predict long-term success in business, one quality trumps just about every other: trustworthiness. Sure, skills are important, as are knowledge and a good work ethic. Yet the key factor in creating a strong network of clients, customers, employees, suppliers, and associates is the ability to build trusting relationships.

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Send in the Clowns
por Seth Godin na Human Resources and Personnel Management
Getting called a clown is rarely a compliment. Unless you want to join the circus, it's not much of a career goal, either. In addition to the obvious--bad makeup and ill-fitting shoes--all clowns have a surprising amount in common. This is because of a simple truth: Clowns are based on us. They embody what's wrong with human nature, just magnified a bit.

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3 Core Capabilities for Privacy Adherence
por Dale Renner na Technology
Where does the responsibility lie for customers' privacy in terms of data used for marketing?

While customers have responsibility for deciding what information they provide to companies, the responsibility for protecting that data lies squarely with the company collecting and using the information. Once data is given, customers don't have the power to ensure privacy adherence. And if one does not possess the power to ensure adherence then certainly, one cannot have the responsibility for that adherence.

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The Secret Innovation Weapon For Mature Markets
por Lisa Nirell na Sales and Marketing
Few people care to reflect back on the financial crisis of 2008.

Adam Reinebach, the EVP of Marketing Solutions and Circulation for SourceMedia, needed to act fast as the crisis languished another two years. SourceMedia provides a portfolio of subscription services, research, custom media, and conferences to the nation’s top banks. This includes the enduring American Banker publication.

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Presentation Self Awareness: The Top Five Blind Spots for Speakers
por Barbara Busey na Event Marketing
So, are you a pretty good presenter? You’ve got a good bit of experience and feel pretty comfortable about it? I see seasoned and comfortable presenters a lot in my training and coaching practice—and so many think they’re as good as they can be. They have no self-awareness when it comes to their “opportunities for improvement.”   So I want to examine five common speaker blind spots and provide strategies for opening your eyes to your impact!

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Is Your Concubine Covered by Your Health Insurance?
por Melissa Burkhart na Human Resources and Personnel Management
So did I get your attention?
No, this was not my error.  However, it was an error I found in translated benefits material provided by a major broker, involving major carriers.  It was distributed to the Spanish-speaking employees of a major employer, none of whom brought it to the company’s attention, although they were majorly amused. 

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Overcoming The Marketing-Sales Turf War: Six Strategies To Integration
por Christine Moorman na Sales and Marketing
Marketing needs sales and sales needs marketing. Unfortunately, “need” does not equate to a “successful partnership” between the two groups. Conflict and distrust are more common. Such a dynamic can hurt the bottom line, especially in companies that use sales groups to interface with their customers. The CMO Survey® asked top marketers to describe how their companies structure the marketing-sales relationship.

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The Seven Nodes of Succes
por Greg Pashke na Strategy and Planning
Are you running your business or is your business running you?

If you feel it's time to regain control, you might want to review this list of the seven interwoven characteristics of superior organizations. It’s a short but powerful list along with some thought provoking questions to focus your attention.

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The Sales Process: What is the outcome and goal we are shooting for?
por Mike Toney na Sales and Marketing
The definition of the sales process or role of the sales professional seems muddled as I interview hundreds of sales people. If I ask 100 sales people to define their job, how many definitions do you think I get? Without a standard sales process how do we get predictable results and outcomes?

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Game-Changers 911: How to Change the Game in Your World
por John Storm na Strategy and Planning
Your industry is consolidating. Your markets are shifting. Your offerings are stale. Your competitors are relentless. Your business model and profitability are under attack. These dire situations constitute a business Emergency. It’s time to call 911 and get some professional help to address your urgent business problems.  In other words, you need a Game-Changer.

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The Importance of Face-to-Face Meetings
por Kelsey Farabee na Strategy and Planning
If you attended IMEX Frankfurt last year, you may have participated in a study taking place on the exhibition floor, where you and a partner were presented with a hypothetical, possibly bizarre, scenario and given three minutes to come up with a list of potential ideas and solutions.

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The difference between a Great Shot and a Great Hunter is like the difference between a Best of the Worst & a Best of the Best Company
por Rick McPartlin na Sales and Marketing
I grew up at my Grandpa’s cabin in the middle of the Michigan woods and started shooting when I was about 4 years old.  By 10, there was no grown-up I couldn’t out shoot.  By the time I was in my mid-twenties with a shotgun, I could shot 3 clay pigeons at the same time and was qualified by the Sheriff’s department as an expert with the first pistol I ever fired.

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How to Provide Exceptional Customer Service Via Social Media
por Peter Friedman na Social Media and Social Networking
In the retail space, social media has brought on a new progression of relating to customers and driving experience and sales out of those relationships. This social media landscape has produced new and highly targeted and personal ways of communicating. It's introduced new rules for competing with other brands.

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Choosing the Best Financial Statement Level
por Jack Veale na Accounting and Finance
Family businesses may not always need to issue formal financial statements. Absent the need to report to others, you can probably get by with simple flash reports and cash flow projections. But if your family business’s associates include outside shareholders and lenders, you may need to generate complex financial statements with footnotes and detailed disclosure remarks.

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The Magic of Possibilities
por Jennifer Webb na Innovation and Change
The word magic signifies making the impossible possible, doing feats--without discernible explanation-- that cannot be done. And with magic our minds leap past the probabilities and realities of life to the unimagined possibilities that our education and logic tell us is not possible. Magic is a mindset unto itself.

Yet, as research is now proving, magic and neuroscience are linked, and what the brain chooses to believe (illusion?) is every bit as doable, whether it seems logical and probable or not.

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