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Leadership styles come in many shapes and flavors. Those who use the DISC model of communication know that D and I styles tend to be more direct, sometimes operate at a faster pace and occasionally make ‘ready-fire-aim’ decisions. On the other hand, C and S style leade...

May 25, 2017

Authentic leaders are a special breed of people.  They know who they are and this self-awareness empowers them to transform their life and the lives of those they lead. Their authenticity builds loyalty, trust, collaboration, engagement and commitment.  It forges posit...

May 25, 2017

Recent study of thousands of professionals resulted in 79% of them stating they will never see your job posting. So, how do you reveal that hidden talent? And, once you find them, how do you ensure that you are their employer of choice? In this webinar, we will deliver...

May 23, 2017

Last Fall, an M&A company was close to selling a health care company to a private equity group. The key parties to the deal kept on dragging out the process. Then, the unexpected happened – Donald Trump won the presidency and the buyer lost the bank funding.

The deal...

May 10, 2017

Boy have we gotten busy. Our reasons for being “on” most of the time might include economic pressure, a need to stay connected socially, or even having a creative or business idea that just has to be shared with as many people as possible.

Fair enough. These are all goo...