Finding and Securing Hidden Talent

May 25, 2017



Recent study of thousands of professionals resulted in 79% of them stating they will never see your job posting. So, how do you reveal that hidden talent? And, once you find them, how do you ensure that you are their employer of choice? In this webinar, we will deliver “Take Home Value” by diving into the following:

1.     Building confidence, consistency and scaffolding to support your hiring process.

2.     A review of at least EIGHT tools and resources to reveal the hidden talent.

3.     The logic in Purpose-Driven Recruiting™ by Reveal Global Intelligence will have you saying, “This just makes sense!”

1.     Coaching for you on the nature of Passive Talent.

2.     Understanding and aligning to their Career Drivers.

3.     The Incumbent Interview – free, simple, and impactful.

4.     The S.A.T. approach to interviewing.

5.     Candidate Care – don’t lose them after the offer is accepted.


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