Combating Information Overload and Decision Fatigue

October 26, 2017


How do we make important decisions? Most professionals spend a significant portion of their days managing information, yet at the end of the day they feel addled and mentally exhausted. 
Current research on information processing and decision-making shows that there are mental, physical, and emotional consequences for people, as well as consequences for the organization, from information overload. 
That's why you need to invest an hour to learn how to manage information overload. 
At the end of the hour, participants will know about these consequences and how to handle the challenges. Participants will also learn common misconceptions about how we handle information. For example, we think that more information will help us make better decisions, when it probably won’t. 
Along the way you'll learn what has changed in the last fifty years, causing so many of us to be overwhelmed. Participants will learn specific tactics for handling the overload and cognitive strategies to adopt, ensuring they make better decisions to serve their people and businesses while maintaining a healthy life. 
The choice is simple: be overloaded by the never-ending tsunami of information flooding your desk and threatening your sanity...or take an hour to learn how to regain control of your business, your life, and your future. 
Doesn't seem like much of a choice, does it? And since seating is limited, you're going to want to sign up now...before you get distracted and someone else takes your spot. 



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