How to be a Healthy Workaholic

February 5, 2018

Most entrepreneurs get labeled as workaholics, often by the people closest to them.


Good news! New research indicates that workaholism for some people is actually healthy!


What a relief; I’m so happy not have to attend WA (Workaholics Anonymous)!


Researchers in this study evaluated two groups of employees, both of which worked many extra hours. Researchers labeled one group the workaholics. Employees in this group worked long hours but were disengaged and disliked their work. Researchers labeled the other group the long-hours group. Its members also worked long hours but were engaged and enjoyed their work (sound like most entrepreneurs)?


Methods. Researchers evaluated 763 employees using biomarkers that indicate health risks such as high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol levels.


Results. To my surprise and delight, the long-hours group had decreased health risks, but, unfortunately, the workaholic group had increased health risks. Additionally, the workaholic group experienced a reduction in subjective well-being (e.g., depressive feelings and sleep problems). The long-hours group did not. (good news since I’m excited to publish this article and am writing it at 11:15 p.m.)!


The Japanese have traditionally been known for working many extra hours and were usually expected to do so. However, they’re now being more conscious of the potential detrimental effects of the extra hours and have created the word karoshi, which means “death from overwork.” This seems to apply to the true workaholic.


Think about your situation. Do you work long hours? Are you happy doing so, or are you disengaged? The answer could greatly affect your health!"

TC North, Ph.D. helps entrepreneurs get more of what they want from their businesses. He is a professional EOS implementer, co-author of the best selling leadership book on Amazon, Fearless Leaders, a high-performance executive coach, Huff Post blogger and leadership speaker. The entrepreneurs he works with create high-performing organizations with extraordinary profitability -- that people love to work for. Two of his companies have been transformed from having flat revenue to becoming members of the prestigious Inc. 5000 fastest growing private companies in America. You may contact Dr. North by email or call 303-665-8920 to learn more. His website is:

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