Killing Cats Leads to Rats: Mitigating the Unintended Consequences of Business Decisions

March 30, 2018


The Law of Unintended Consequences has become an idiomatic warning that intervening in a complex system tends to ensue in unanticipated and unwanted outcomes; it argues against the belief that we humans fully control the world around us. For businesses, strategic business decisions, when implemented, will have at least one unanticipated or unintended consequence, and that every cause (i.e. strategic decision) has more than one possible outcome, including those that are unforeseen outcomes.


With the foreword, written by Marshall Goldsmith, Killing Cats Leads to Rats: Mitigating the Unintended Consequences of Business Decisions, takes a close look at the impact of unintended consequences on business performance and employee morale. Richard draws a clear connection between the quality of the decisions made by the executives and the business performance and employee engagement. He details the six-step SECURE™ Model to help business executives learn to avoid, reduce, and mitigate the negative impact of unintended consequences that can arise from the implementation of their strategic decisions. 


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What people are saying about Killing Cats Leads to Rats

“If one of your decisions has ever produced results in your business that you didn’t expect or want, Richard Franzi has written an eminently readable and entertaining guide to help you avoid doing it again. Killing Cats Leads to Rats is a book we all need to remind us of what can—and often will—go wrong with even the most well-intentioned actions we take.”

Bo Burlingham, Author of Small Giants and Finish Big


“We have all been victim of “No good deed goes unpunished”, where we made a decision that had unexpected consequences.  Killing Cats... has a host of real-world illustrations and Richard’s “Decision Ecosystem” illustrates how every outcome will always relate back to the people and data available at the time of decision making. A great read for every decision maker (and that is ALL of us).”

Brian Smith, Founder, Ugg Brands US 

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