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How To Hire Better in 2019

October 19, 2018

If you think the recruiting world changed drastically in 2018, wait until the new year hits. The hiring process is changing and it is changing fast. With unemployment rates at an all-time low, it is now a candidate driven don’t pick the candidates, they pick you. This article explores why your hiring process in 2018 will be completely broken in 2019 based on new recruitment trends and how you can start to prepare your team for the changes ahead. The goal for 2019 is to get back to the core competencies of hiring and evolve with the new candidate driven market. Set yourself up for hiring success by implementing the 4 hiring tips below.


Transparent Representation and Brand Awareness

Brand awareness and transparency are two of the biggest components to hiring and retaining employees. Leveraging your company culture is a great way to get potential hires excited about working with your company. Get together with your team and discuss what your culture currently is, what you think needs to change as the new year approaches, and how you are going to implement new policies that will help retain employees and encourage new hires. When your brand, culture, and values are clear and practiced daily, amazing things can happen.

Social Media Recruiting

You can no longer follow the, “post and pray,” method for hiring. The job market is competitive but so are the platforms in which you use to hire. Indeed, Ziprecruiter, free job boards, companies all over the world are vying to get that number one posting. Come 2019, social recruiting is the new way of hiring. Posting on social media can attract passive candidates. Unemployment is at a 50-year low, which means you have to attract candidates who don’t need a job, but rather, wouldn’t mind a new one if something came along. Many of these candidates are not updating their resume or even thinking about going to a job board.  Purely, because they are comfortable.


Create a social media campaign with a specific persona profile based on current A-players to attract new hires. Use your new brand awareness and transparency to create a memorable campaign that will stick with people.

The Candidate Experience

The candidate experience became prominent this year as HR professionals found that candidates were less likely to accept a position from a company that had a poor onboarding process. Consider utilizing recruitment automation tools to keep engagement while you work through hiring obstacles by using email automations, recruitment marketing software, and Applicant Tracking Systems to speed up the process and keep the lines of communication open between you and the candidate.


Set up a, “self scheduled interview” process so the candidate can pick their own interview time and date. Install a ChatBot on your careers page. Potential candidates can ask questions about your organization and get instant answers. Make sure the job posting has a clear impact factor. How will this company work with the candidate to create the ultimate job experience? It isn’t just about what this new hire can do for your company, but what your company can do for them. 

Create a Referral Workforce

Rewards go a long ways with employees, implementing a better referral program can increase hires and company visibility in the community. The referral program should not always be based on actual hires, but the referrals themselves. Adding in an incentive can encourage more referrals, especially from employees who truly enjoy their work. Think about your average cost-per-hire, it is significantly reduced when the hire comes from an in-house suggestion, therefore you should have room in your budget to implement a referral program for your current employees. 


The author is Founder and CEO of VIVAHR, the only applicant tracking system on the market that provides an HR team with the tools to make them recruitment marketing experts. He has appeared on SharkTank, been written about in BusinessInsider, and spoken at numerous HR and marketing conferences about Culture Marketing.


He's also had 10+ years as an entrepreneur, and has lived the pain of hiring and firing...the wrong people. Through those lessons learned he found the power of building business on core values, clear focus and most importantly, great company culture.

You can reach him at or (480) 360-6463

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