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December 28, 2018


My name is Dennis Daniels, and I’m now in my tenth year leading the CEO Peer Advisory Boards with Renaissance Executive Forums in Atlanta.


With a 30+ year career in Human Resources, I’ve learned the importance of moving significantly beyond the “Hire ‘em; Train ‘em; Fire ‘em” stereotype of HR. The Renaissance Executive Forums model helps business leaders be much more successful, regardless of the type or size of the business.


I see my job as helping you expand your capabilities beyond just executing your business core process day-in and day-out. I help you get your arms (and comfort zone) around actually “running your business”. That’s the path to true success as a business owner or CEO. So, this is not about making you the best in your function (i.e. an attorney, accountant, engineer, etc.). There are specific functional resources available you for that. The goal is to make you the most successful business owner/CEO possible, regardless of your background.


Because I know that, no matter what type of business you’re in, you’re dealing with the same challenges as everyone else. Not only people issues, but also finance, strategy, customer relationships, sales, operations…the works.


And recognizing these universal needs, I put a limited number of business leaders from manufacturing, services, distribution, operations, sales, etc. in the same room and help them benefit from each other’s unique approaches to solving the business problems they have in common.


Everyone has to deal with the same array of issues but comes at them from different points of experience. This diversity of backgrounds not only creates a wealth of perspectives but also ensures there are no competitors in the room, as we regularly discuss proprietary information.


The monthly meetings help build trust and are significantly more productive than Lunch & Learns or chamber of commerce panel discussions, because in our model, you literally bring your own business problems to the meeting and leave with actual recommendations and solutions. And while networking isn’t the main objective, it’s certainly a nice side benefit.


Here’s the bottom line: Most businesses start small, with an owner who knows how to make his widget. But odds are great that owner can’t also market, handle finances, negotiate a contract, or handle other key aspects needed to grow the business. That’s when the business owner is a prime candidate for a Renaissance Peer Advisory Board, to guide them through all of the additional dimensions necessary for actually running a business.


When you feel stuck, overwhelmed, stressed, frustrated and about to “lose your mind” …call me. When you sense that you’ve “created a monster” that is about to get away from you…call me. When can’t get off that treadmill of running fast but getting nowhere with your business…call me.


You do not have to go it alone. There’s a confidential, trusted “personal board of advisors” waiting to help you reclaim your business, peace of mind and life. All you have to do is ask for help.



Learn more today about Dennis’s dynamic Peer Advisory Boards in the Atlanta area. Come learn more about him, or contact him directly at or by phone at (678) 910-7232.












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