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It's NOT about getting things done

March 20, 2019

Productivity consultant David Allen provides this excellent TED Talk about how IT’S NOT ABOUT GETTING THINGS DONE! Invest a few minutes to prove to yourself that you don't need more time in your day…just more room to think.


David will show you how to make a mess and become more creative. C’mon…he’ll show you how having a crisis will evoke serenity.


And by the time you’re done you’re going to realize that, as the leader of your company, you need to make time to get clarity in your life so you can make wise decisions. This is just one of the reasons Renaissance CEO Peer Group members meet each month, and we can show you how to make the most of every opportunity you’ve got in front of you.


Become more satisfied with your own business, career, and personal life. Find a peer advisory board near you, and discover the people who’ll help you become more successful.





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