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A Business Owner’s Swiss Army Knife

July 19, 2019


Working with Renaissance Executive Forums is like having a “Swiss Army Knife” in the pocket of Business Owners and Executives. Consider all the value we bring to you, each and every day.

  • Peer Advisory Boards

    • Get real-world help and resources from other CEOs just like you who’ve “been there, done that”

    • Feel less isolated. It’s less Lonely at the Top when you have a peer group

    • Build a network of other business leading friends who really understand you, and your business

  • Education & Training

    • Monthly education on a variety of core through breakthrough topics

    • Broad selection of topics, from simple workshops to deep-dive “get in there and help you fix it” recurring programs

    • Amazing Leadership Development programs for leaders at all levels

  • Coaching & Consulting

    • Coaching helps our clients bring out the greatness within themselves and achieve much higher levels of performance, while Consulting brings our specific expertise to bear on the issue or opportunity you’re facing. Because of our training and certifications, plus the variety of business leaders and industries we work with, we have a deep level of expertise in most areas businesses face.

  • Diagnostics

    • A selection of tools to help you ferret out and fix problems with everything from process to people to profitability

  • A Large Network of Experts

    • When members need help with something outside of our sphere of expertise, we have a large list of businesses in just about any area that we have vetted and trust ourselves. If we can’t help you directly, we know lots of others who can – many of whom are also Forum members!


Become more satisfied with your own business, career, and personal life. Find a peer advisory board near you, and discover the people who’ll help you become more successful.


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