September 25, 2019

My name is Doug Skonord, and I’ve been helping business leaders in the greater Milwaukee area almost since the day Renaissance Executive Forums started in business in 1995.


Coming from a background in civil engineering, I’ve observed one consistent lesson: Success is a team sport. No one person is going to build that bridge and get you to the other side, but working together…ah, working together we can do AMAZING things!


I’ve seen this truism proved repeatedly in environments as diverse as the military, manufacturing, and professional services.  And while not everyone is a never-ending font of talent, it’s important to recognize you can learn something from each person you work with. The key is knowing how to interact with them.


Up front I’ll tell you I’m not a salesman, nor do I have any interest in becoming one. But after running companies for myself and for other people, I DO know how to be an exceptional change agent, working through cultural cancers, financial disasters, and a host of other dysfunctional characteristics of organizations in trouble. I’ve run for political office, worked with international figures, raised money for non-profits, and gotten involved both with the community around the corner and around the world.


Of just about any issue you’ll bring to me, I can legitimately say “Been there. Done that.”


I’m also very comfortable having one-on-one conversations with CEOs or guiding entire divisions of Fortune 500 companies. I understand how to turn around a challenging situation in a fraction of the time that it takes other experienced leaders.


Which helps explain why I still have peer group members who have remained with me since the very beginning. Like me, they continue to get a great deal of value from Renaissance peer groups.

Regardless of what industry or discipline you’re in, I see my job as helping you maximize every opportunity, every day. Before you walk through my door, I know you want to be in an environment where you’ll prosper…and I’m going to do all I can to help you reach that goal.


And, because nobody in my leadership groups has any vested interest in the interpersonal dynamics of your organization, you can count on all of them to share their collective wisdom, as well as the mistakes they’ve made, to help you profit more tomorrow.


Come into my next meeting of CEOs or key executives and meet a group of non-competing business leaders who are dedicated to helping each other improve in an environment where the only things that matters are candor, sharing insights and camaraderie. See for yourself the advantages of having professionals, with extensive business experience, focus on each other’s challenges, benefiting everyone in the room.


The results can be TRULY amazing!


Learn more today about Doug’s dynamic Top Executive Peer Groups in the Milwaukee Area. Contact him directly at dskonord@executiveforums.com or by phone at (262) 893-8007.


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