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November 4, 2019

My name is Jim Neidhardt, and I’ve been a CEO Peer Group Leader for Renaissance Executive Forums since 1997. I work with business leaders throughout New Jersey and the Philadelphia area.


My career started with larger organizations like Nabisco and International Flavors & Fragrances, with P&L responsibility for up to $100 million in annual revenues. It gave me a comfort level with CEOs and presidents of multi-million (and multi-billion) dollar organizations, as these industry leaders trusted me with special assignments with long-reaching organizational impact.


Yet deep down inside I knew I needed to be an entrepreneur. I’m a big picture strategic thinker who sees how all the pieces can fit together, and by nature I’m a problem solver who hates the idea of lost potential. So, when the opportunity arose to run my own business in my own backyard, I jumped at it.


There was something special about the chance to work with Renaissance Executive Forums. I liked the ability to help create an environment where business owners and company presidents could prosper by sharing their collective wisdom. I appreciated the opportunity to really listen to people and help them transform their organizations, impact their families and the families of their many employees, and contribute to their communities. And I respected this proven peer group process where nobody in the room has a vested interest in anyone else’s personal or professional business.


I realized that every REF participant would be free to be completely candid about their needs and their advice. And the quality of those participants simply couldn’t be over-emphasized!


When you’re in a Renaissance CEO Peer Group, you’re going to be dealing exclusively with CEOs, presidents, and owners. These are the people who feel the day-to-day pressure and challenges and understand the need to find workable solutions in every part of a business.


These business leaders are now my daily associates and friends. They come to me…to us…to turn around challenging situations in a fraction of the time that it takes other experienced leaders.


Come into my next meeting of CEOs, and see for yourself why my favorite word is entelechy: The realization of potential. You’ll meet a group of non-competing business leaders at your level who are dedicated to helping each other improve in an environment where the only things that matter are candor, sharing insights and camaraderie.


See for yourself the advantages of having highly successful professionals with extensive business experience focus on each other’s challenges and opportunities, benefiting everyone in the room.


You’re sure to be AMAZED by the results!


Learn more today about Jim’s dynamic Top Executive Peer Groups throughout New Jersey and the Philadelphia Area. Contact him directly at or by phone at (973) 887-4001.

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